standard-title Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving

  • Etched glass

    Have you been to a place where they have their logos frosted into the glass? Different than sandblasting, and screen printing, laser engraving will give you more detail, and definitive lines, as well as a nice finished texture.

  • Signs

    Whether it’s wood, plastic, or metal, laser engraving is the perfect choice to to add that personal unique touch to any room, office, or business.  We can custom laser etch to meet your needs, from an existing logo, to a new unique design.

  • Etched Metal

    Stainless steel is slowly becoming the choice of Philip Jordan Designs creations. We can mark most metal types with a permanent black logo. We can also take any powder coated surface and etch off the powder coating to reveal what is under.

  • Branded Custom Furnishings

    We can brand pretty much anything. Let us bring your brand out in a unique and custom way!

  • Custom Cribbage Boards

    Inspired by my Grandpa, I decided to put a spin on the reputation that cribbage is only for “old people”. I would say success! Made with natural pine beetle kill from Colorado.